Why tint your car?
- Avoid Overheating
- Protect Your Skin
- Accident Protection
- Safer Driving

       Window Tinting offers many great advantages, and it looks great!

       Did you know that when your windows are tinted it can make your cars interior 50% cooler, wouldnt that be nice on those hot summer days? Proper tinting blocks 99% of UV rays. This helps avoid anything from sun burns to melanoma.

       Window Tinting makes your car safer! In addition to helping shattered glass hold together in an accadent it also reduces dangerous glare.

       A properly tinted window enhances privacy and adds eye appeal. This will help to prevent break ins. What a burglar can't see, he won't steal. Lastly it will help prevent cracking and fading on your cars interior.

       Bring your car to The Tint Shop and after a few years of use, your tinting will pay for itself!